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Moist Coconut Cake

April 7, 2024


I remember my mom making this sublime cake around Easter most years. I remember the cake was so moist it was almost wet. In order to achieve this moist and rich texture the cake had to sit completely sealed for at least three days. The only downside to this delicious cake was that we had to wait three days before eating it!

This past Resurrection Sunday, I had a hankering to make this very special cake that I fondly remember my mom making. It’s white frosting was the perfect backdrop for the pastel shades of the spring season.

For as much baking I did as a child (which I loved to do!), I surprisingly never made this coconut cake. I did not have the recipe in my recipe notebook, so after a quick call to my mom, I received these pictures of my mom’s handwritten recipe cards in her beautiful cursive.



As I read the recipe, I was surprised how simple this cake is to put together! The one ingredient my mom and I were unsure of was the frozen coconut. Mom said she looked in multiple stores but could not find frozen coconut this year. My guess is that when this recipe was developed many years ago, perhaps coconut was only available in the frozen section? Who knows. Nowadays coconut ingredients are in so many aisles. 

We decided that using regular sweetened, shredded coconut was just fine. If you can source frozen coconut, I would recommend it. But for this year, I just used the regular stuff which was fine.

This cake starts with a cake mix and then builds a simple but delectable frosting and filling out of just 4 ingredients. That’s my kind of cake! I’m not a fussy dessert person.

So without a bunch more rattling…here’s the recipe!

*You will notice that I tweaked a few things from my mom’s recipe.

Coconut Cake Recipe


1 butter flavored cake mix

2 cups sugar

1 (16 oz.) carton of sour cream

1 (12 oz.) package of frozen coconut, thawed (I used the sweetened, shredded kind from the baking aisle.)

8 to 12 oz. whipped topping


1.       Prepare the cake mix according to the package directions, making two 8” layers. When completely cooled, split both layers to make 4 layers.

2.       Combine the sugar, sour cream, and coconut, blending well. Chill.

3.       Reserve 1 cup of sour cream mixture for frosting. (HUGE Confession to make…I messed this order up in my video! In my haste I threw everything together in the bowl, including the whipped topping. The correct way to make this cake is to save 1 cup of sour cream mixture for the frosting, and then use the rest of sour cream mixture for the layers. OOPS!)

4.       Spread remainder of the sour cream mixture between layers of cake.

5.       Combine reserved sour cream mixture with whipped topping, blend until smooth.

6.       Spread the frosting on top and sides of cake. Seal in airtight container and refrigerate for 3 days before serving (longer is even better!). Enjoy!


After making this cake, it dawned on me what a perfect cake this is to make around the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection! A rather duh moment, don’t you think? My mom was pretty smart… Waiting 3 days before eating this delicious cake reminds me of the agonizing wait Jesus’ disciples endured before seeing and touching their beloved Master! 

This cake is perfect for any time of the year, and maybe it will become a family favorite for you, too!


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Apr 09

This cake sounds delicious! My family and I have enjoyed a coconut cake with pineapple filling, but that recipe was much more involved. I appreciate the simplicity of this one! Thank you for sharing!


Replying to

Ooh, pineapple and coconut is such a refreshing, tropical combo! I'm sure you could tweak this recipe and add some pineapple in!


Apr 08
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This looks so amazing! I love anything coconut. And your white dress is absolutely beautiful!❤️~Jenifer M

Replying to

Thank you for your kind comments, Jenifer! It's a wonderful treat cake, definitely not something I make every week. 😉

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