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Come grow with me!


My passion is to help others grow in every setting of life, and the heartbeat of this blog is to provide a valuable resource to help others grow. I desire to help you learn more about intentional homeschooling, conservative music, and joyful home-making.


As a home educator and church musician, my strengths lie in the fields of education and music. Yet I desire to help others grow even as I am learning and developing in all facets of life. 


I desire to help YOU grow in


Your relationships—with God, your family, and friends


Your learning—how you can learn, how you can help others learn especially if you are a home educator


Your music—how you can use your talents for God, how you can appreciate beautiful music


Your home—how you can make your home an inviting, loving place


Growth is not perfection. I have a passion to encourage others away from the perfectionism prevalent online. I want to encourage you to be the best person you can be with what you have!


Growth can be slow.


Growth can even be imperceptible to others at times.


Whatever you do, never stop growing.


Come grow with me!

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