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Kids in the Kitchen

April 15, 2024


When I was a child, my parents welcomed me into the kitchen. Looking back now as a parent myself, my parent’s gracious “open kitchen” was a priceless treasure. Undoubtedly, I made messes and even wasted ingredients, yet my parents were very kind to fund my baking endeavors and taste my creations.

Today I want to share how welcoming my kids into the kitchen has blessed our family!

Builds relationships

Cooking with my children has taught me how to work together with them. We learn to work through difficulties, and we laugh and have fun together.


Softens perfectionism

The perfectionist in me really struggles to let my kids in the kitchen. But welcoming my children into my culinary sphere is a way for me to show them Christlike love and literally “gird on a towel” and be like Jesus. The more I let my kids in the kitchen, the more I have found myself relaxing and not gripping perfection so much.

Teaches cooking skills

I am not the world’s greatest cook and have made many yucky dishes (even the wild animals wouldn’t eat the scraps!), but I’m grateful to know how to feed my family. Teaching my kids to cook is like feeding them for a lifetime.

Teaches project completion

In a small way, cooking a dish teaches my kids how to see a project through to completion. Reading the instructions, gathering supplies, cooking, and cleaning up are all parts of completing a culinary project. Project completion is an important life skill that transfers to any industry.


Encourages independence

My children gain the confidence that they can accomplish a task. They have the confidence knowing that they can take care of themselves in the future.

Encourages healthy eating

More often than not, eating healthy means making the food myself. By inviting my kids into the kitchen, I can encourage a lifetime of healthy eating.


So how do I get my kids in the kitchen without completely losing my sanity? These ideas have helped me, and they may help you!


Clean the kitchen first.

Counterintuitive, but believe me, a clean kitchen keeps the process going smoothly. Making a new mess on top of an old mess is exasperating!


Focus on one child at a time.

My kitchen literally doesn’t allow for multiple kids to cook in the “cooking triangle” at the same time. We get squashed in the corner by the stove. By focusing on one child at a time, I remain calmer and can help each child with his personal cooking skills.

Give clear instructions.

My oldest is incredibly curious and ready to taste anything if I don’t give her clear instructions first. To this day, she loves to taste each individual ingredient before it goes into the recipe. My mom said, “Maybe she will be a chef one day!” My child will also start dumping, adding, mixing, and doing who knows what if I don’t lay the proper groundwork!

I try to remind my kids not to add anything or do anything until mom says it’s okay. If I don’t give clear instructions, chaos ensues.


Take pictures

Even in moments of mess and frustration, I have managed to take pictures. Do you know what I remember later when I look back at those pictures? The wonderful memories we made together stand out, not the mess on the counters and floor.


By welcoming my kids into the kitchen today, I am hoping to reach into the future generations of tomorrow.

What do you love to bake or cook with your children? What special memories do you have? I would love to hear!


Personal Disclosure

As the author of Ashley Qurollo Blog, all opinions are my own. Any possible applications are universal in nature, not directed at any one individual or people group. My sincere desire is to help others by sharing what I am learning. Nothing stated on this blog is ever intended to hurt others. Ashley Qurollo, owner of Ashley Qurollo Blog and Website, is not held liable in any way for any application of the ideas and thoughts stated here.

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I will admit that kids in the kitchen for me, has always been nerve racking. I should have been more "open kitchen" with them for sure. With seven children it was very overwhelming for me to share with them. Thinking back I wonder if it's because growing up the kitchen was my area. I cooked for my mom and siblings, so maybe I became extremely selfish. Definitely no time like the present to become more welcoming .

We have 1 child at home now and I have found other avenues for others to teach her cutting (😬), cooking and baking. Took some off of me and has definitely made me more relaxed and welcoming to her in the kitchen.


Replying to

Dawn, thank you for sharing your heart. Your candid attitude is encouraging. I know from experience that you are a wonderful cook, and your child has a wonderful example to look up to! How exciting to hear of the sharpening (pun intended) of skills, and I know you will be blessed for teaching, training, and welcoming.

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