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Why I Chose Trim Healthy Mama

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

February 21, 2022


Have you struggled with weight loss? I certainly have, and a little extra (unwanted) pudge has followed me for most of my life. If you are like me, maybe there was a time when you lost weight but maintaining a healthy weight was a struggle. If you are a mama, have you struggled to get back to a healthy weight postpartum?

In today’s post, I would like to share how Trim Healthy Mama has changed the trajectory of my health. Thankfully, my story is not a drastic one. I did not have 300 pounds to lose, and I have no dramatic pictures to show you of myself. Please know that I am not a THM expert but am simply sharing from my heart a plan that works for me and really could work well for anyone.


After the birth of my first child, I struggled to get back to my desired weight and knew change had to happen to achieve my desired goals. I am what many would consider average, not heavy nor thin. Yet I have the build of my paternal grandmother, and that knowledge motivated me to seek a course of health that was unknown to my grandmother's generation. Exercise and nutrition were not a way of life for my grandmother, and I wonder if she could have enjoyed better health had she the knowledge that is available today. I want to enjoy the life God has given me with the best health possible, and thus began my journey for a new way of eating.


The Keto diet intrigued me, especially since the food is very edible on that diet. I bought several keto cookbooks and certainly learned from those cookbooks how to avoid empty carbohydrates. But I knew something was not quite right for me personally with Keto. If I could describe Keto in one word, it would be the word “heavy.” I just felt heavy and lethargic after eating all that fat.

My mom had recently bought the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, and my interest was piqued. For anyone unfamiliar with the letters THM, they stand for Trim Healthy Mama. Trim Healthy Mama describes a lifestyle of eating created by two Christian sisters, Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett. THM is not a diet to join for several weeks and then quit once a desired weight or goal is reached. Rather, THM is a healthy lifestyle of eating and even way of thinking and caring for oneself.

I must admit that the plan was confusing to me at first. The basic premise of the plan is to separate your fuel types into healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats. The sisters have designated the letter "E" to stand for energizing which describes the meals that contain healthy carbohydrates and very little fat. The letter "S" stands for satisfying meals that focus on healthy fats and very few carbs. By constantly shuffling meal types, the body does not get stuck in any dietary pattern and is forced to burn the fuel it's given. From time to time, the sisters encourage meals called "Fuel Pull" which has very few carbs or fats.


Not only am I determined to be healthy for my own well-being, but I desire to establish healthy eating patterns for my children that will carry them through life. My heart is sad when I see overweight children and know that the road ahead of them will be difficult. I wish parents would grasp the importance of feeding their children well to create a solid foundation of health for life.

When I taught fifth grade (before I was a mother), one of my students literally refused to eat any vegetables or fruits. For a party, another student brought grapes to the classroom. I gently encouraged the non-healthy eating student to try a few grapes. He about panicked and told me, " I take pills so I don’t have to eat fruits and vegetables." I pitied that student and wondered how a different diet might have drastically improved his academic performance. Now that I am a mother, I see the importance of healthy eating and how that can directly impact a student’s demeanor and academic performance.

My heart also aches when I see so many women start diets, sometimes very expensive ones, only to have the diet fizzle and the poor lady left in the same physical condition. Unfortunately for many, their wallets are empty but the pounds are still there. These dear precious ladies sometimes give up only to go farther into weight gain and discouragement. My heart is also sad when I see women literally starving themselves on ridiculous diets only to make these ladies so ravenous in the end that they consume enormous quantities to feed their starved bodies.

While portion control is certainly important, it is important that what we eat is actually healthy for us. This is why I personally believe counting calories is not an effective weight loss strategy. I’ve had people share with me that they could eat whatever they want as long as they stayed within a calorie count. May I gently and lovingly say that what we eat is just as important and perhaps more important than how much we eat. Perhaps a simple illustration will help develop the concept of quality is more important than quantity.


A car needs fuel to run (obviously). If a driver puts polluted fuel in his car, it does not really matter how much fuel he puts in his car. The car will not run well on junky fuel. In a similar way, our bodies need quality fuel that will sustain us and even help to heal our insides. What I love about THM is that this program has taught me what foods are actually good for my body and what foods provide no value to my body and may actually hurt me in the long run. THM has so many positive benefits, and I would like to share a few wonderful facts about THM.

I love THM because it is...


There are no strange rules about "you can't eat ____" or "you can only eat this much." The only foods to avoid are white flour, sugar, and white potatoes. THM teaches you how to create meals that are healthy and balanced and that will keep you satiated. On THM there is no calorie counting or limitations on food. I have learned to listen to my body, and I know when I've had enough.


Yes, eating the THM way takes diligence and perseverance, but this plan is completely sustainable. The food is different yet good. Sure, eating a THM shake isn't going to be the same as sucking down a fast food chain milkshake, but I can enjoy the food and know that I am fueling and even healing my body. I am not starving myself on this plan and can eat until satiated. I do not feel deprived of treats which makes the plan doable.



I can easily make meals to suit my family's palette and needs. My husband cannot consume large quantities of nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers). While this dietary need has been challenging to work around, I have still been able to make tacos and other dishes that fit his unique needs and still stay in the THM plan.


Though THM might not be for everyone, it has certainly set the course for a healthy life journey for me personally. If you are looking for a sustainable and encouraging plan for healthy eating, I highly recommend Trim Healthy Mama!



Disclaimer: I am not a THM expert nor a representative of their company. I am not a medical expert in any way. I am simply sharing a plan that has worked for me. Please consult your health professional for what is best for you.

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