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Exercising at Home

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

March 9, 2022


Do you enjoy exercising? Though I enjoy being active (especially walking) let me just say that exercise is not my favorite pastime and is something that I have to discipline myself to do.

I was the awkward kid in PE class who had to work incredibly hard just to get a B+ or A-. To this day, my large motor skills are not the greatest. In good fun, my husband laughs at me when my lack of large motor skills are on exhibition.

I am so thankful for my high school PE teacher. She was full of life and energy and knew how to get a group of emotional, sometimes lethargic teenage girls moving. Each semester, we studied a different sport which ranged from the usual soccer and volleyball to badminton and weight training. Yet what stood out to me about my PE teacher is her love for personal training and keeping herself in shape. She loved running and would often run with us when that was the agenda for the hour. Though I am not an avid sports player, my PE teacher’s example of personal fitness has challenged me to exercise, and I have made a personal goal to exercise several times each week since my high school days.

You may be wondering why a klutzy person like me who does not necessarily relish exercise for exercise sake would be writing about exercise. I hope to encourage ladies and other mamas like me that exercise has tremendous benefits and anyone can exercise! Though I hope this post will encourage anyone to exercise, I especially want to encourage other moms who may feel somewhat “trapped” at home.

There are ways to exercise at home, and it just takes a little creativity and effort.

For the stay-at-home mom, exercise can be a challenge and sometimes downright frustrating. There have been times when I wanted to just run out the door, sans kids, and run down the street in complete freedom without a stroller, without a toddler wobbling on her bike beside me, and without having to be responsible for anyone else.


I know some mothers have the opportunity to go to a gym, and that is wonderful. Yet not everyone has the time, money, or opportunity to join a gym or the local YMCA, but there is still hope! Anyone can exercise at home with a little creativity, and there are actual some wonderful benefits to exercising at home.

Benefits of Exercising at Home

  • Exercising at home sets an example for my children. By exercising at home, I am setting an example of fitness for my children. My children see that mommy takes time to care for her body, and hopefully they will see the importance of caring for their bodies. Even from the time my kids were small, they enjoyed joining in the fun, especially with Serene and Pearl on the Trim Healthy Mama videos. At the end of their exercise videos, Serene and Pearl do the “hot tater dance” which is simply a short time to go crazy and do anything you want to get your blood pumping. My kids get such a kick out of this!

  • Exercising at home saves money. By exercising at home, I am saving our hard-earned money and avoiding gym fees and child care fees.

  • Exercising at home saves time. All I have to do is walk to my living room (if I am doing an exercise DVD) or walk out my door to walk on the street. Most mornings, I literally walk to my living room in my pajamas and exercise. If I am doing Trim Healthy Mama, I do not even bother putting tennis shoes on! If I have to get ready to go somewhere to exercise, I will quickly lose motivation and exercising will fizzle. By avoiding travel time, I am then able to spend more time with my family!

  • Exercising at home frees me from the comparison trap. I do not have to worry about what others are doing or accomplishing, and I can just enjoy my own routine.


A huge part of what will keep you motivated to exercise is finding resources that you enjoy and personalities that you resonate with.


Serene and Pearl have created a set of about 7 or 8 exercise DVDs which they appropriately call “workins” (i.e. you don’t have to go anywhere to work out!) These DVDs really focus on core strength which is so vital as a mother. I feel strengthened and can tell my muscles have been challenged, but I do not feel completely exhausted with little benefit as some exercise routines I’ve done in the past left me feeling. I love how perky Serene and Pearl are, and exercising with them in the morning just makes me smile. I love starting my day with Serene and Pearl!


Walking Off the Pounds DVD

I also love Leslie Sansone in her “ Just Walk” DVDs. You just can’t help smiling and wanting to join the fun with her upbeat personality. In the comfort of my own living room, I can walk up to three miles with this DVD!


A Few Other Ideas for exercise

  • Take a walk down the street, or load up in the car and go to a walking trail. Five minutes from our house is an amazing walking trail which we love to walk on as a family.

  • Take your kids to the park, and play with them! Don’t just sit on the bench with your phone. Climb up the equipment and go down the slide with your kids. Race your kids. Have fun with them!

  • Play with your kids in the yard. The other day, my oldest and I had races, and I suggested that we skip. Granted I have not skipped in a while, and I was quite surprised how much skipping used my core muscles!

  • Work in your garden or yard. Get outside and dig up some old weeds. You will be surprised how taking a mattock to an old clump of daylilies will get your blood pumping which has been my most recent venture in my garden.


I hope you are encouraged to get moving and do something you love! If you are a mama, please be encouraged that you can find some fun ways to stay in shape!


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