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Singing With My Kids

February 26, 2024


At the request of a faithful reader, I have embarked on a series about music. Today I would like to share a little about how I am teaching my children to sing, primarily during our morning bible time. Singing is one of the greatest ways to lovingly lodge bible truths into the hearts and minds of our children.


Jessica, one of my closest friends, is such an inspiration to me. She helps me see the world in a different way. She sees beauty around corners that I never had the courage to peek around. She grabs my hand and says, “Come on!”

Jessica loves music, she loves her kids, and she loves teaching her kids music. Several years ago, Jessica introduced me to an excellent channel, Scripture for Kids, produced by Jade Kneebone. Jessica routinely uses this channel to teach her children scripture songs.

On a recent trip to Jessica’s, she corralled me and all the kids into the kitchen for an impromptu sing along. Jessica showed us her new instrument, a cute ukulele! Jessica is teaching herself to play the ukulele so that she can play along during bible time with her kids (such an amazing idea!).

Jessica sent me home with several sheet music printouts (from Scripture for Kids), and the next morning during bible time my youngest asked, “Where are the songs that Miss Jessica sent?” I rifled through my stack of papers on the table. Then I went to my bedroom and took my second fiddle down off the wall mount and with a vaguely mysterious grin on my face brought it to the kitchen table. My kids stared at me with quizzical faces.


I don’t have a ukulele, but I do have a violin. So I thought, why not? I’ll give it a try! So I strummed my violin during Bible time that morning as we sang the songs from Miss Jessica, and my kids were spellbound!

We have been singing during bible time since my youngest and I started bible time when she was a baby. But strumming that violin ignited a fire to our singing. Instinctively, my kids came over and all wanted to strum the violin. What a positive way to get my kids to interact with an instrument!

After that first sparkling bible time with the strumming violin, my mind was whirring with ideas, ideas for more scripture songs! As you know, I happen to enjoy writing music, so I thought, “Why can’t I join this band of scripture song writers?”

As I read in my own personal devotion time in Psalm 34, verse 11 jumped out and begged me to write a tune for it. And so "Come, Ye Children" came to life musically. You can download the song!

Come, Ye Children
Download PDF • 415KB

This song is perfect to start bible time with because it is a gentle welcome, a call for children to join this sacred time of learning about God. For the last few weeks, I have started our Bible time with this simple song, and my kids love it.

You can print this song and use it in your own personal bible time or give it to someone who can use it!


Personal Disclosure

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