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Office Makeover

Updated: Jun 12

June 10, 2024


Many times, I’ve stood in the doorway of our tiny 2nd story office and mused how to make this room actually welcoming and attractive. Making this room attractive is a pretty tall order considering how utilitarian it is; this tiny 10x10 room houses my desk, Yamaha keyboard, a darling antique daybed (which I will not get rid of even though we don’t really have room for it—images of it on a farmhouse front porch dance in my imagination), 2 filing cabinets, and a card table. Phew. Sadly, each piece has its specific purpose, and so even minimalist me cannot purge any items.

This room is a designer’s nightmare! So what’s a girl to do? First, I’ve learned to relax and accept this room for what it is; it’s a little workhorse that supports both my husband and me in our work endeavors. Once I came to grips with the nature of this room, I relaxed and focused on contentment.


Thought this room isn’t perfect, I desire to make it a pleasant place especially since so much of my time is spent in this space. All that said, in a recent session of musing, ideas for this room flowed in my mind, and I am so excited to bring these ideas to life!

The white office walls are bright but rather lifeless. Having no desire to paint the room or bring in lots of extra colors, I brainstormed ideas for the back wall, the highlight of the room and a natural focal point. Sure, board and batten or shiplap would be just stunning on the back wall, but such effort is not a wise use of my husband’s very limited time. And I’m not allowed to use cutting power tools per my husband…trust me, he is a wise man…wink, wink.


So…enter peel and stick wallpaper to center stage! I toyed with the idea of buying a gorgeous wall stencil or roller (and I may still use that someday somewhere else), but peel and stick wallpaper kept coming back to me.

My goal for the back wall was to create a pleasing but delicate pattern that complimented the room rather than took charge, an understated focal point if you will. I also wanted a wall design that would "play nicely in the sandbox" with other pictures and decorations instead of competing with them.


The soft woodland scene by Nuwallpaper satisfied my criteria, including a very reasonable price point (a huge criterion for me!) The pattern is not frilly, and even my husband commented positively on the animal theme, something I selected with his love of the country in mind.

Amazon and Home Depot carry this wallpaper. I believe Nuwallpaper also carries this same pattern in black and a dark blue, both gorgeous options for different settings!

I’m not going to cover the ins and outs of applying peel and stick wall paper, but I will say that it has been a surprisingly easy process. Even my kids got in on a little smoothing action. I appreciate the tidiness of the mounting process and the quick return for a relatively small investment of time.

If you are looking for a way to cheer up a sad or lackluster room, maybe give peel and stick wallpaper a try! The wallpaper has brought me so much joy, and I just love taking peeks at it in between working on my computer.


The office is still a work in progress, but I’m just delighted with what has been accomplished so far.

Do you have any rooms in your house that bug you? Do you have any dreams or ideas for those tricky rooms? Happy homemaking!


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