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Simple Shelf Styling

November 6, 2023


Hello, friends! I had hopes of finishing my latest YouTube video to share here in this space, but that did not quite happen this weekend. So instead, I'll share a few snapshots of a newly styled shelf in my bedroom.


All of the items on the shelf are collected treasures which is what makes them special to me. The antique French fashion print used to hang in my grandma's bedroom, and I inherited it at her passing. I treasure the print as a special reminder of my grandmother.


The candlesticks are actually clearance finds from TJ Maxx many years ago for about $2 a piece. I love that they are timeless and look antique.

The pottery jar is from Colonial Williamsburg. I was inspired to dry flowers from my garden and from bouquets given to me, and I love how the dried flowers look in the jar.


The doily is from a friend and actually came from an island off the coast of South Africa!

I'm sure that this shelf will evolve and change over time, but for now it really makes me smile to look at it!

What are some of your favorite collected treasures?


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Mary Palmer
Mary Palmer
Nov 07, 2023

Beautiful display of your timeless pieces, I'm sure you will pass them on when your children as they get older! I was amazed at how GOD directed me to the apartment I occupy today! When I moved in because of the prayers many friends sent to the LORD on my behalf, I requested a copy of the Hymn, Count your Blessings, which is framed and hangs on my wall to this day! It is a reminder that all we have to do is ask GOD and be patient.

Thank you Ashley

Mary P

Ashley Qurollo
Ashley Qurollo
Nov 07, 2023
Replying to

Mary, what a wonderful treasure! I love that hymn and in fact was singing it today with my kids.

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