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Fall: A Time for Praise + Simple Piano Solo

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

November 15, 2021


God has blessed our family with a pretty and usable yard, and though some may think it small, we treasure our acre of beauty. When we look out our back windows, we see a peaceful tree line, and I thank the Lord for such a beautiful view especially since our property is not very big. Many years ago, a previous owner logged the back of the yard leaving a perfect field for children to play in. Trees still dwell at the edges of the yard, and my children love tromping “through the woods.” Oh sure, our woods are not as grand as my grandmother’s old acreage in Ohio, home to many of my childhood memories. Yet I hope our children will create many special memories in our bit of woods.

On one of our recent tromps in the woods, I was spellbound by the beauty of one particular tree, changing its leafy garb for the fall season. I looked up and could clearly see the beautiful peachy orange outline of the tree leaves amongst the other green trees, still slow to change their attire. I was struck once again by God’s amazing creation. God paints some of His most beautiful handiwork in the fall, and I could sit for quite a long time and soak in the variegated colors of the tree leaves.

Fall is one of the grandest times to consider God’s majestic handiwork, and God’s creativity leads the humble heart to worship Him, the mighty Creator. The hymn-writer Isaac Watts aptly praised God’s creative power in “I Sing the Mighty Power of God.” God’s mighty power “made the mountains rise” and “built the lofty skies.” Yet God is not an aloof Artist, unsympathetic with the needs of His creation; He tenderly cares for His creatures by “fill[ing] the earth with food.” All of creation speaks of God’s goodness, and “there’s not a plant of flower below but makes your glories known.”

At this season of Thanksgiving, my heart is filled with thanks to God for His blessings to me, and the beauty of this autumn season reminds me to praise God for Who He is. I have written a simple piano arrangement of “I Sing the Mighty Power of God” which is perfect for this season of praise or any time of year. Fall is a special time to consider God’s artistic genius as seen in creation, and this piano arrangement is a great addition to any Thanksgiving piano repertoire.

For anyone who may be wondering, the picture above is of the very tree that brought me such delight and pause to stop and contemplate God’s creativity. One of my favorite ways to enjoy a tree’s beauty is to stand under it and look up. Looking up reminds me to look up and remember God and His goodness.


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