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A Weary Heart Looks at Psalm 23:1-2

May 27, 2024


A weighty Weariness settled, and nothing could seem to displace this unwelcome intruder. “A good night’s sleep will dislodge this vagabond,” I thought, but no, not even rest could move Weariness. Surely the indulgence of self and its favorites could convince Weariness to leave, but no, he claimed “squatter’s rights.”

“How to rid myself of Weariness?” I cried. But the more I cried and placated self, the more Weariness dug in his heels.

Ever forgetful of the true Source of rest and strength, I finally gathered my Bible and headed to my quiet reading spot. Only the true Source of my strength can bid Weariness to flee, for you see, Weariness only listens to His voice, not mine.

After reading several passages, a cross reference guided my eyes to one of the most well-known chapters, Psalm 23. Though practically memorized, this short chapter took on new-meaning in the dark shadow of Weariness.

The loving Shepherd bid me listen to His voice, for He is the true Source of life and strength. Heed not the whining of Weariness, but drink from the Source and regain strength.

Psalm 23:1-2

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

To plumb the depths of this well would require a lifetime. The Lord is my shepherd. What does that mean? It means that as His child, He watches over and cares for me. How often I forget this basic truth and heart-accuse God for forgetting me.

I shall not want. Honestly, my heart is stung. Like hydrogen peroxide poured on the self-inflicted hurt of discontentment, my heart flinches at the wound-cleansing truth. Doesn’t God know that I want…? I shall not want; I will not truly lack anything under God’s protective care. Whatever is the object of my heart’s desire, I must not really need (at least in the current moment) or God, my loving Shepherd, would have bestowed the gift.


He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

In my rose-colored Bible from the late 90’s, the notes say that green pastures are “pastures of tender grass.” The Shepherd leads His sheep to the best and most nutritious grass. My Bible notes state that still waters are “waters of quietness.” God leads His sheep beside gentle waters, not a mighty torrent, so that they can drink peacefully. Like these sheep, God nourishes me if I will only stop and partake of His refreshment.

As a person who struggles with some physical limitations, this verse quiets my soul. There are times when I literally have to lie down to regain strength. At those times, this verse often comes to my mind, and I realize that sometimes my good Shepherd forces me to lie down so that I will slow down.

Often in my weakest moments, I get the most frantic. Wrestling and fighting the physical boundaries, I argue with myself that I’m lazy if I don’t get up and do. My work quality is poor, and my greatest need is actually rest, not work. I picture God lovingly putting His hand on me and quietly telling me to slow down and rest.

God does not want frantic sheep. God desires peaceful, quiet sheep. In current culture, and even Christian culture, we are encouraged to DO, DO, DO! But God wants us to slow down and be, be, be the right kind of grounded, stable, God-centered Christians.


Friend, has Weariness been an unwelcome guest in your life? May I encourage you to listen to the Shepherd’s voice? He alone can bid Weariness to flee. May your heart rest in the Shepherd’s care.

Happy Memorial Day!


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May 29

Amen! God is so gracious in ever leading and teaching us. Thank you for beautifully and gently sharing what our Shepherd has taught you.


Replying to

You are so welcome, Leona! I'm so grateful for my loving Shepherd.


May 29
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you, Ashley. I needed this, too.


Thank you Ashley, I needed this today!!

Replying to

Dawn, thank you for sharing that this post was a blessing!

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