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Inspiring Books from 2023

January 15, 2024


First, thank you to every reader who commented and encouraged me in last week's post. You have no idea what a blessing you are! The new goal is 500 words or less for a post. Short and sweet, so let's go!

Today I am sharing 3 books that impacted me in 2023. These books challenged me in three areas: spiritual growth, personal branding (business), and homeschool/motherhood.


Reading is vital to my personal and spiritual development. Reading adds another deep dimension to my thinking and life, and I am pushed to grow through the shared wisdom of others.


Spiritual Growth— More Precious Than Gold by John and Brenda Vaughn


What I Liked About This Book

This book humbled and stretched me, perhaps more than any other book I’ve read. It was one of those books that I didn’t like in some ways but yet knew I needed. John and Brenda Vaughn, with humility and poise, share their family’s horrific trial in a house fire which severely burned Mrs. Vaughn and daughter Becky. This book reminds me to be grateful for the daily, mundane blessings.

Favorite Quote

During the start of Mrs. Vaughn’s extensive hospital stay, she shares the spiritual growth and surrender that took place in her heart: “God never told me I couldn’t cry, or that I had to be perfect, or that I had to witness flawlessly to everyone who walked into my room. He knew my heart, and I came to realize that He was asking only that I be faithful—only that I trust Him to do what was best” (page 53).

Personal Branding/Business--Bring Inner Greatness Out by Dr. Mansur Hasib


What I Liked About This Book

Bring Inner Greatness Out helped me to understand my own personal uniqueness, distinct from corporations or businesses. My personal value is not defined by a business or organization, but rather I bring personal value to an organization. Even as a homemaker, I found value in this book as I grow my home business. On a personal note, my husband’s (Jesse R. J. Qurollo's) review of this book is printed in the “What Readers and Listeners Say” section at the front!

Favorite Quote

“You do not need to be perfect; you need to perfect your uniqueness. Your uniqueness includes all natural perceived imperfections you inherited when you were born. Your imperfections can even be the initial distinguishing characteristics of your personal brand!" (page 52).

Homeschool/ Motherhood—Lessons at Blackberry Inn by Karen Andreola


What I Liked About This Book

This book, a cozy friend enveloping my mind with warmth and comfort, is one I plan to return to often. Through a heart-warming tale, Andreola weaves wisdom for homemaking and homeschooling, the beauty of married love, forgiveness for the lost, and treasures of the past. This is a homeschooling mama’s must.

Favorite Quote

“A home isn’t a house, anyway. A home is a life shared with family, friends, and welcomed strangers—a place to work, rest, worship, play, and grow, a place to laugh and mourn in safety. It’s a place where memories are made” (page 169).


Friends, what books inspired you last year? What books do you recommend to me? Please share your recommendations in the comments below! No need to subscribe to comment!


Personal Disclosure

As the author of Ashley Qurollo Blog, all opinions are my own. Any possible applications are universal in nature, not directed at any one individual or people group. My sincere desire is to help others by sharing what I am learning. Nothing stated on this blog is ever intended to hurt others. Ashley Qurollo, owner of Ashley Qurollo Blog and Website, is not held liable in any way for any application of the ideas and thoughts stated here.

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