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Hymn Arrangements for Small-Handed Pianists

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

March 21, 2022


For a summer in high school, I had to take a break from playing the piano. Between computer keyboarding class, music lessons, and orchestra, my hands were developing some physical problems, and my doctor wanted to me to quit playing instruments for a while. Quitting an instrument was not an option for me, so I had to give my hands a rest for at least a period of time.

God did not give me large “piano” hands, but instead He gave me narrow hands. Playing an octave was a real challenge for me especially in my younger years, and I had to learn to approach the keyboard properly.

In high school my piano teacher diligently worked with me on developing a more ergonomic approach to the piano, and I am forever indebted to her. At the time she did not know exactly how to help me, but she carefully researched the best ways to help me.

Hymn playing has always been special to me. Though I love the confident style of evangelistic hymn playing, that style, constantly filled with octaves in both hands, is neither practical nor sustainable for me for long periods of time. By learning to relax and developing greater strength in my hands, I am getting more comfortable with octaves though I still have to be careful and limit the amount of time playing octaves.

I have a heart for other pianists like myself who love hymns but through physical limitations cannot sustain constant, large intervals. This desire to help others lead me to start a series entitled Small Hands, Beautiful Sounds. In this series, all the simultaneously played intervals are a sixth or less. All the intervals should feel comfortable in my Small Hands, Beautiful Sounds pieces, and there is no stretching to reach unreasonable chords.

Even if you do not struggle with hand problems, perhaps you are a busy pianist looking for simple music to learn quickly. If so, this series will be a wonderful fit for you, and anyone with an average skill level in the piano can pick up these arrangements quickly.


So far, I have four titles in the Small Hands, Beautiful Sounds series.


Thanks for stopping by! My goal is that you will find the series Small Hands, Beautiful Sounds a help and blessing!


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