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FREE Patriotic Printables!

July 1, 2024


To all my American readers, Happy July 4th (a little early)! To all my lovely readers around the globe, may you have a blessed week and treasure what you love about your country!

I have something a little bit different for you this week. Lately, I have been dabbling in drawing again, a hobby that, sadly, has not been part of my life since childhood. After drawing a birthday card recently for one of my children, I thought that drawing a little something for my readers would be a fun challenge and hopefully a blessing to someone.

If you have any interest in printing my "folk art" (ie untrained art), I've included 2 files: a full page pdf and then a pdf with 2 greeting cards.

FREE Patriotic Printables!

Full Page Patriotic Bicycle Art

Patriotic Bicycle 2
Download PDF • 888KB

Greeting Card Patriotic Bicycle Art

Patriotic Bicycle 2 Greeting Card 2
Download PDF • 121KB


A little poetry for you...

Here's a poem that I wrote last year and will share again.

Stars and Stripes

Stars and stripes,

Short and sweet,

Time is ripe,

This poem is neat.

I don’t have time

To write a long rhyme.

So I’ll make the most

Of this short post.

Freedom’s call

Brought liberty to all.

The price was not free

For you and for me.

With grateful heart

Remember the past.

We’ll do our part,

The memories to last.

How you might say?

Watch and pray

Our leaders to keep

That we might not weep.

Forget not the cost

Of those who gave most.

I’m proud to be

In the land of the free!


Happy 4th of July! May you have a blessed week celebrating freedom with those that you hold dear.



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