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Fall Touches in My Home

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

October 16, 2023


This week’s post will be rather short, mainly a new video and some pictures. At this stage of my life, writing a blog post and producing a video is a bit much for me. So I will share what I have and hope that you enjoy!

Recently, my husband and I hosted a church-wide fall party at our house. This party has become somewhat of an annual event, and our church family looks forward to it each year.

This year a kind friend from church came and helped me decorate. I forgot to take pictures of all her beautiful work, but I did create a short from the party. All the lovely leftover pumpkins and mums now grace my back patio, a pleasant memory of our fall party.







My dream is to have a farmhouse with a covered porch someday. Sometimes in the waiting for something different, I have missed blessings right under my nose. Sure, this patio gets rained on, but I am loving this seating area. I am learning to blossom where I am planted instead of grumbling about all the things I wish I had.

A few leftover butternut squash and darling mini pumpkins grace the top of my music cabinet.



The weeds and flowers I harvested to decorate for the party were too pretty to throw away, so I used them to make a simple, natural wreath. With a hot glue gun in hand, I made this wreath in about 15 minutes. As you can tell, I like to use natural elements in my home which whisper, rather than shout, “Fall is here.”


How are you decorating your space this fall? Happy decorating!


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