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8 Reasons to Homeschool

June 20, 2022


Last week in my post about Why Homeschool? I shared how my attitude towards homeschooling shifted dramatically. A friend’s recent curiosity about my choice to homeschool prompted my thinking and caused me to articulate a few reasons of exactly why I am homeschooling. Today, I will share with you some specific reasons why my family has chosen to homeschool. This post is not written from a researcher’s standpoint with precise analysis but rather from a mother’s heart and intent.

As I stated in my earlier post about homeschooling, my intent is never to criticize Christian schools. I am a product of a Christian school, and my heart is deeply thankful for the many sacrifices my parents made to put my brothers and me in a Christian school. Rather, my Christian school background equipped me to be a Christian homeschool mom and run my own “one-room schoolhouse.” Homeschooling is not for everyone, and not everyone should homeschool. But my heart is passionate and excited to homeschool, and my desire is to encourage others in their homeschooling journeys and perhaps inspire some to start homeschooling.


Investing in personal relationships with my children really is the primary impetus for homeschooling in our household. Especially in the younger years, children need their mamas. How can I do the daily investment, training, and yes, discipline of my children if I send them off to school every day? As the children mature and can carry on conversations, I can begin shaping their hearts for Christ as we talk in the home. By establishing solid relationships with my children, I am laying the groundwork for personal discipleship in their walks with God.


Family time

The very nature of the term “homeschool” indicates learning at home. By learning at home, we spend less time traveling hither and yon and more time actually being together. Then as we are literally together, we can invest in our relationships with our children.


Most people would agree with me that the influences in the public school are at best godless and at worst destructive to the Christian faith. As much as I support Christian schools, there can still be negative influences in Christian schools as well (though certainly nothing like public schools). My husband and I desire to be the primary influencers in our children’s lives as we teach them in every setting of life, and in order to have this level of direct influence, homeschooling best meets our family’s goals.

Christian worldview

Far from the humanism and outright godless teachings of the public school, our home is full of the warmth and comfort found in the truth of God’s Word. This world is God’s world, and all truth is ultimately God’s truth because He is truth. All of our home learning ultimately springs forth from what we know of God and His world.



Our world is in turmoil as more people reject God and His ways. Those that have no hope often vent their anger and frustration on the innocent. I am grateful for the protection we can raise our children in here at home. There are no bullies in our homeschool. If there are any bullies (aka sibling squabbles), they have to deal with mama. If there are any perpetrators, they will have to deal with daddy. Enough said.


By the time all fees and tuition are totaled, the cheapest Christian school near me would be about $5,000 for one child. This does not include all the uniforms and other materials needed. I would have to get a job outside of our home to send my children to Christian school, and mom getting a job outside of our family life does not fit into our family’s goals and vision. By far the most economical option is to homeschool. I can buy some pretty incredible books and take my children on some amazing field trips with a budget of $5,000!


Flexible pace of life.

With absolutely no intention of criticizing my amazing Christian school education, I desire something a little more flexible for my family. Mom and Dad, if you are reading this post, know that I am grateful for every sacrifice you made for me! I would not be where I am today without the training and education I received, particularly during my high school years.


Yet I long to have the flexibility to sit on the couch and read for an hour with my kids. I long to have chickens and a garden someday and have my children participate. I long to take my children on field trips that directly support what we are learning as a family. I long for my children to explore their passions and strengths, particularly in the afternoon hours. All these ventures are very difficult with the fast-paced rhythm of Christian school.

My thoughtful, artistic, slower-paced personality often got very overwhelmed with the Christian school beat, and many tears were shed from the tremendous pressure I constantly felt. Is this a copout to be lazy? Absolutely not. In many ways, I expect my children to worker harder than I did, and I intend for them to develop a diligent work ethic and strong initiative.


During high school, homeschooling allowed my husband the flexibility to fulfill all the state requirements for high school while also running his own landscaping business and attending the local technical college. By the time he finished high school, he had numerous certifications in the fields of EMS and Fire & Rescue. He joined the local volunteer fire department at 16 and landed an EMS job immediately following high school. My husband had a passion, and his homeschool schedule allowed him to pursue his passions in the world of emergency work.

Flexibility in curriculum.

Instead of sticking with one publisher, homeschooling allows me the freedom to seek out what I consider to be the best curricula for my children and their unique needs. I can find publishers and/or independent authors who best coincide with our family’s objectives and goals.



This post was deeply personal and really represents a journey of over a decade of God shaping me and changing me. You may have little or great interest in homeschooling, but no matter your personal take on homeschooling, I hope you will sense our family’s passion to train, educate, and nurture our children.

Do you homeschool? What are some reasons that you homeschool? I would love to hear from you!



For anyone wondering, I would love to hear comments from my readers! Recently, a reader asked me if I wanted to have a comments section on my blog, and the answer is yes! GoDaddy took away the comments feature in the blog section, so I am contemplating what to do. I hope to migrate in the future to something more robust with a comments feature. Comments are in the works! Until then, please feel free to email with thoughts or questions.

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