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Garden Table Setting

May 7, 2024


Every year our church hosts a Ladies’ Luncheon for the ladies and young ladies of our church. We joyfully anticipate this luncheon, and each year carries its own “feel” with a unique theme, speaker, decorations, and menu.

This year our theme was “By Love Serve One Another”. In keeping with this theme of service to others, most ladies contributed instead of several ladies bearing the entire load of preparation. Many of the ladies contributed food towards the massive chacuterie board, a fancy and delicate version of a “potluck”. And instead of one lady tasked with decorating for the event, ladies could sign up to decorate a table.


I signed up to decorate a table, and it was so much fun pulling the "tablescape" together! Thankfully, there were no guidelines for decorating, so I could go with any theme. I chose a vintage garden theme, a simple choice using what I have on hand at home.

When decorating for an event (which honestly I don’t do a ton of), I like to keep things simple and use what I have on hand. I like to keep décor

--cost effective

--minimal (ie I don’t have lots of storage space at home. So I don’t like to bring lots of extra décor into my home)


By pulling these items together, I can create a simple table setting for lots of themes.

--fun paper products

--pitchers/vases with fresh greenery and/or flowers

--boxes to create visual height

For my table at the ladies’ luncheon, a quick trip to Hobby Lobby yielded perfect garden-themed plates. These plates became my spring board and gave me ideas of what to “shop” from my house.


I wanted to highlight the pale pink and sage green hues from the plates. A pale pink pitcher and hand-crocheted rose-colored doilies drew out the pink in the plates, and the natural greenery mimicked the green hues.

A garden themed table has to have some seeds as part of the favor! Recently, I purchased these cute and affordable empty seed packets from amazon, perfect for sharing my garden seeds with friends.


The morning glory seeds I packaged needed something to vine on, so inexpensive pots from the Dollar Tree became home to twiggy trellises. A little reindeer moss, also from the Dollar Tree, covered up unsightly dirt. Voila! A mini gardening project awaited each lady.


I received so many kind and heartfelt comments about the garden themed table! Decorating doesn’t have to be overly fancy or expensive, and using what I have on hand stirs my creativity and keeps life manageable. Happy decorating!



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Good evening Ashley

Your table display was beautiful!

We knew immediately it was an Ashley table. All the items you used reflected the warmth and comfort of your home!

All the tables were absolutely perfect displays of the ladies that decorated them.

I enjoy our church family so much, we all come together to help when and where we are needed!

Thanks for being you ❤

Mary P

Replying to

Thank you, Mary, for such encouraging words!

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